Engineer's Report

March 14, 2001

Mr. Jon Hazen, publisher
P.O. Box 7186
Salem, OR 97303

Re: Capitol Elevations
Proj. No. 200062

Dear Mr. Hazen:

February 19, 2001 our crew visited the Capitol to determine the elevation and height of three buildings in the area; the Capitol building, the Methodist Church and the Capitol Center building.

The elevation that was used for reference is a brass disc in the sidewalk at the North West corner of Capitol Street and Chemeketa street (benchmark 1033); it was established by the City of Salem with an elevation of 166.81 feet above sea level datum. This benchmark was used for elevation control.

We then set-up a traverse to measure angles and distances to the various point of interest. Each of the buildings has unique points along the top of the buildings. We measured to these points on each building.

Using the angles and distances we then calculated the elevation of each of these points of interest. Using the City of Salem benchmark 166.81 we have calculated the following elevations and heights:

Capitol Building

Top of Pioneers Head 337.5
Top of Observation Deck Wall 297.3
Top of Stairs at North Entrance 170.9
Curb Elevation at bottom of Stairs 164.1
Height - Curb to top of structure 173.4

Capitol Center Building

Top of highest antenna 319.2
Top of HVAC cooler 302.7
Top of Mechanical Room 296.0
Top of parapet wall 290.0
North entrance at walk 155.8
Curb at front of building 155.4
Height - Curb to top of structure 163.8

Methodist Church Building

Top of Spire 341.8
North Entrance 154.2
Curb at Front of building 153.4
Height - Curb to top of Spire 188.40

The Methodist Church has the highest point of any of the structures and is also the tallest structure as measured from the curb to the highest point on the structure. The top of the spire and top of the pioneer are very close 4.3 feet difference with the church spire at the highest elevation.

We at Wilhelm Engineering, Inc. are pleased to provide this information and hope that it will be of interest to visitors, historians and Salem residents.


George H. Wilhelm; P.E., P.L.S.

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